1623 / 1996-01 Ski-pole höhle 1/S -

Underground Description

Climb down shakehole to open shaft with a jammed boulder at the top. Shaft developed on joint is 1.4m across, 1.5m in the other direction and drops straight down 10m. Rift at bottom is 2m high. 1.5m drop then gently ascending rift gets too tight.


CUCC 1996-07-15 Nick, Brian, Tina

Scanned survey notes

1623-1996-01 (if any)


There are many holes along the rift - all the others are choked or too tight.


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    Marking Comment
    A spit with "CUCC 96-01"
    Situated at top end of rift/gorge next to path to 161d. Walking to 161d: go into the very narrow gorge, then up the right hand wall about a third of the way along. This gets you into the next gorge, trending on bearing 031° (looking towards 161d end of path). Turn right up the rift. 96/01 is at the top end.
    Other Station
    1623.gps96.96_1 - pre selective availability GPS 47.6841067N 13.8211533E (UTM33 411528, 5281864), 0m (SRTM is +1837m, distance from reference: 21m)

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