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Rope required


CUCC 2004 (Olly, Jenny)


Email 2005-05-30 (whose?), Olly's comments from Matrix chat "Surveying" 2023-11-22.

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1623-2004-04 (if any)


Olly says (2023):
"Not too far from 76 or 97" it may be a shaft where we put in a spit and a tag but have since somehow completely failed to relocate despite many attempts if so you could hear the hand bolting from the bivvy 76 bivvy that is of course though sound can carry so that doesn't narrow it down helpfully
i've always thought it was fairly near 108 but that didn't help find it

hmm ... maybe it's the same as tantalusschacht!

or maybe it was drill bolting - it was close enough the noise could be clearly heard is the relevant point and it was in the bunde, which I suspect is largely why we've failed to refind it despite presumably looking pretty close to it also that one may not be 2004-04 - I'm fairly sure it was 2004-0<something> but we seem to replace most references to the original number when a kataster number is allocated making it hard to really see what's what

aha, they seem to be in the cave index page:
so 2004-01 is the bivvy cave, 2004-03 is "dead gemse" which is back towards the 90s vintage top camp, -02 is really close to -01, -05 and -06 are over towards 111 and 112, -07 isn't it, -08 is more to the NW, -09 seems more E so it's probably "lost" though it has a metal tag attached so if refound could be unambiguously identified.


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    Tag placed 2004 (on SW side of hole)
    Not too far from 76 or 97
    Large elongate hole surrounded by bunde

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