1623 / 245
Weizeneishöhle 2/E x

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Notes in 2003#31

Underground Description

Entrance is large alcove / chamber in NW side of choss bowl. Very strong outwards draught emerges from small gap under right-hand wall, which leads to a crawl. This opens up to a walking passage with scatterings of ice and snow. A passage goes up to the left as the main way on turns a corner. It enters a large (> 10m diameter) chamber with an ice floor, and an ice stal on the floor. There is some passage with dodgy boulders to the right, but the draught comes from a very dodgy boulder slope on the left (reached by climbing round the edge of the ice). Might be worth poking, but it's quite unstable. We looked up the passage on the left but it doesn't seem to go anywhere.


CUCC 2003: Originally located by Olly M; entrance dug out by Olly + Earl; exploration and underground survey Olly M + Mark S.

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Kataster Form prepared May 2005, number allocated by Robert on Expo 2005


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    Tag placed 2003 with provisional number
    In large choss bowl southwest of 204d entrance

    entrance photo - 106k jpeg

    Obvious arched entrance
    Tag Location
    1623.t245 47.69218N 13.81726E (UTM33 411250, 5282766), 1735m (SRTM is +65 m, distance from reference: 21m)

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