1623 / 1996-05 1/S -

Underground Description

Cave is a North-South rift in a joint hading very steeply - say 85 degrees dip to west. Stones rattle down shaft for a very long time. No evidence of previous exploration (ie. no spits, no mud, vegetation not noticeably trampled).


CUCC 1996 Andy Waddington and Fran

Scanned survey notes

1623-1996-05 (if any)


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    Marking Comment
    Tag placed on pavement on east side of shaft near middle, a spit with CUCC tag "9605".
    From 164, follow recent (1996 vintage? - not of CUCC origin) fluorescent orange paint dots (these had faded almost completely by 1998, but there are some older red ones for the early part of the route), over a ridge passing the OAV ski marker pole, then leftish over a series of limestone steps to reach a descent into a large broken area (thought to be near 173). Climb steeply left up boulders to a large cairn with a bright orange dot, then over a series of limestone shelves. Shortly up here is a shaft now known to be Lost Rucksack Cave (marked with temporary number CUCC 1993 01). The route continues remarkably easily over a series of bunde-free pavements - easily relocated in 1998. Eventually a large orange dot with an arrow points into a gap in the pines with many fresh (1996) cut branches (again, not CUCC's work). No more dots are to be found, and all ways close up in bunde beyond an obvious shaft in a N-S rift which is therefore clearly the ultimate destination of the marked path.

    Entrance photo (45k JPEG)

    Entrance rift, looking north.

    A picture of the Bräuning wall and Loser from the vicinity of the entrance is here.

    Schönberg 342½°, Bräuning Zinken 204½°, Hinterer Schwarzmooskogel 101° (very flat summit, so exact point not obvious), Loser Cross 213½°, using AndyW compass NPC#2 (Suunto #439258)
    Other Station
    1623.gps98.1996_05 - pre selective availability GPS 47.6900788N 13.8037985E (UTM33 410236, 5282548), 0m (SRTM is +1713m, distance from reference: 25m)

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