1623 / 2006-03 0/S +


Has a red paint mark saying "CUCC 1987 +" but not documented at the time (nothing relevant in the '87 logbook it seems). Tagged CUCC 2006.


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    Where the 204 walkin swings uphill (eastwards) towards the beginning of the slabs, it passes between a blind pit on the left, 2006-02 on the right, and this entrance further to the right.

    EntranceCloseup of marking

    Photos © Mark Shinwell 2006

    Tag Location
    1623.gps06.2006-03 47.68388N 13.81315E (UTM33 410927, 5281848), 1706m (SRTM is +48 m, distance from reference: 22m)

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