1626 / 2019-HT-02 Boop-Boo-Da-Boop-Da-Boop

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The Boop-Boo-Da-Boop-Da-Boop [exact spelling pending confirmation] [2019-HT-02] complex is an area of multiple very large holes surrounding a small flat expanse of karst, half surrounded by cliffs.

Two of the entrances are extremely appealing, with one a few meters wide and unknown depth (again, the rocks take long to go down, a disto would've been helpful), and another similarly wide and quite deep and clearly going diagonally into the hillside, reducing likelihood of being choked.


Logbook 2019-07-20a

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1626-2019-HT-02 (if any)


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    Daniel Ginger Heins:
    [pit] should be >10' if I recall right, so I would've thought that would've been well identifiable but point taken that in practice it doesn't seem to be as clear as I was thinking it'd be (assuming the "west of homecoming" is accurate)
    47.696565, 13.803737 
    That might be it but I can't say for sure if that's actually a hole or just a cliff shadow.  But nonetheless, it'd be that sort of feature - a shadow of a hole on a decent size slab of pavement.
    I do think I remember clambering up the boulder on the north end of that slab, which is a decently positive sign but can't 100% say that those were the same slabs
    if I had to guess this might be the other complex [Boop-da-etc] , it matches my rough recollections and notes but obviously isn't as distinct as the other 
    (that's low confidence, but it at least is a near-ish patch of exposed limestone with a cliff  around half of it. the entrances wold not be as clear since they'd be obscured by cliff shadows)
    WGS84 Lat.: 47.6972410 N, Long.:13.8019160 E

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