185 - , Zweijahreentstehungshöhle 2/S +


New Entrance


CUCC 1990

Underground Description

A narrow slot first bolted in 1988 and descended in 1990. First pitch, Fancy a coffee, descends past a small snow plug down to a large(ish) chamber covered with snow which appears to be about 7m deep. A small section to the left lets in a shaft of light, which changes from a wide beam to a narrow one. A low crawl on the left (ice covered) leads to the second pitch Your place or mine ?, a short (3m approx) drop to a ledge, then a longer (10 to 13m) drop down to the floor. The second pitch is slightly wet, with small amounts of water dripping from the roof. A loose climb leads to a tight crawl and even tighter pitch (Marble Sink revisited, JR), which is now named get yer kit off. This descends into a small chamber, where the limestone changes in colour from yellow to blue. A rift then drops into a boulder covered chamber, with a larger boulder choked to the right and a very, very small hole leading to the left for a few metres. The fourth and probably final pitch has been named Came too soon.

Underground Centre Line

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Survex File

caves-1623/185/185.svx 3d file