1623 / 210
Fettsack und Faulpelz höhle 1/T +

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1998 survey 10k gif

Underground Description

In a small doline, a low horizontal entrance next to a snow plug leads to a boulder slope. A draughting squeeze leads to muddy passage + a small chamber with boulder floor, a choked depression to the left + a choked uphill slope stright on. There is a rifty hole in the floor just before the large boulder in the middle of the chamber, partly covered with boulders. The bottom can be seen 2m below. No way on, not clear where draught goes.





Kataster Form sent 2000.05, number 210 allocated.


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    Marking Comment
    Tag on doline wall opposite cave on epoxyed M6 stud. Changed from "1998-03" to "1623/210" on 2007-07-26 by Olly and Jenny.
    On plateau NNE of Lower Top Camp, on route to 101 area. This cave is about 120m north of B8, ~150m NNE from the large doline of 189.
    Follow route (towards 101/102/200 area if that helps) from Lower Top Camp past 164 and 189 (large holes, passed 15m to right), then go roughly NNW (a few cairns). This leads up onto the right edge of a ridge (the main part of which is deep Lärchen), passing right of the OAV ski marker pole. This is an easy walk above a short (climbable) cliff looking down onto the small doline containing this cave.
    Tag Location
    1623.t210 47.68161N 13.80730E (UTM33 410484, 5281602), 1626m (SRTM is +62 m, distance from reference: 9m)
    Other Station
    1623.gps00.210 - post selective availability GPS 47.6817801N 13.8070759E (UTM33 410468, 5281622), 2000m (SRTM is -312m, distance from reference: 34m)

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