238 - a–b Flinkameiseschacht 1/T +


New Entrance


CUCC 2001,2002

Underground Description

An approximately 20m deep shaft with snow at the bottom. If snow levels allow, a way on can found down the left side of the snow plug, through an awkward squeeze over a large rock into a chamber with a snow and ice slope. A second short pitch leads off to the left, but soon ends.

A second small entrance leads via an awkward crawl to a sloping ledge on the right hand wall of the shaft a couple of metres down.


238 survey (from 2001)

Survey of 238 from 2001. The cave was further explored in 2002 (notes in 2002#06) but not drawn up.


2002 logbook (2002-08-05)

Underground Centre Line

In dataset

Survex File

caves-1623/238/238.svx 3d file