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Underground Description

A small tube at the foot of the cliff leads as a low crawl for about 30m to a choke. A slight draught emerges from a 10cm wide rift.


LUSS 1987


The above description is taken from the LUSS report on the 1987 expedition.


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    13° 50' 08" E, 47° 42' 04" N

    A large depression on the Hohes Augst-Eck ridge about 1km SSW of Roß Kogel, is reached from the crest of the ridge above the obvious rock arch, by following a large snow field to the head of the depression. Contouring around to the south of the depression, following the bedding, LA25 to 27 are close together. LA27 is approximately 100m E of LA26, down the snow slope and around to the foot of a small cliff.

    Tag Location
    1623.pla27 47.70111N 13.83556E (UTM33 412638, 5283737), 1885m (SRTM is 0 m, distance from reference: 13m)

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