1623 / 190
Glitterstompf 1/S/T/E =


CUCC 1976, 1993

Underground Description

Rectangular shaft 6.7m long (aligned on a joint on 275°) and 4.0m wide. Wall on south side is 1.5m higher than rest of surface. Freeclimb descent of 6m to scree/boulder floor usually with snow plug. At eastern end of the south wall, a horizontal passage leads 7.5m on 185° to the lip of a second pitch. This is 10m leading to a big rift. Ahead over boulders and ice an 8m pitch descends through (sic) spectacular ice stalactites. Way on is effectively blocked by ice but could well connect with a major shaft nearby (1623/189), not descended in 1976 on account of the condition of the ice. The small alternative hole back in the rift is blocked by ice at -6m.

In 1993 the cave was "extremely cold and some ice formations".

Scanned survey notes



B9 now known to be same as 190


New Entrance