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Gewölbeschacht 2/S/T +


New Entrance


CUCC 2003 Earl M, Brian O

Underground Description

Entrance is a wide, open rift aligned roughly north-south, spanned by a rock bridge at the southern end. The cave proper starts with a boulder slope at the north-east corner of the rift, which briefly closes down before opening out into a high, narrow slot. Beyond thisis a pitch, the foot of which is blocked by snow.


Approx 75m rope; see elevation survey.


240 elevation (34k jpg)

240 plan (26k jpg)

(Notes in 2003#29)


Form sent 2004.04.30. Number 240 allocated by Robert TWC at 2004 expo dinner

Underground Centre Line

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Survex File

caves-1623/240/240.svx 3d file