1623 / 153 Schwa Schacht 153 1/S +

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Grade 1 elevation from 1987 Log Book, surface survey from cairn on Bunter's Bulge.

Sketch survey, 9k gif

Underground Description

Entrance climb of 12m in doline appears to choke, but a small letterbox squeeze in side of shaft leads to broken pitch. First section of 6m in a rift less than 2m wide leads to a ledge, then 12m down to a floor. A slightly hammered squeeze leads into another narrow rift dropping 10m. This constricts to 20cm and then becomes totally impassable only shortly below. Squeezes are quite epic to reverse.


Discovered CUCC 1985 (on last day), explored 1987

Scanned survey notes

1623-153 (if any)


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    ~200m on 013° magnetic and +03° from Bunter's Bulge (Weiße Warze).
    From Weiße Warze, follow red arrows until you see yellow arrows, follow these (there would seem to be just two of them). After last yellow arrow, cross gully in same direction, then permanent survey mark TC is on large slab in centre of next depression. From here, climb out of depression on bearing 035°, then keep going up gully to 153 (large boulder above on left is a good vantage point).
    Other Station
    1623.gps00.153 - post selective availability GPS 47.6701150N 13.8148533E (UTM33 411032, 5280316), 2000m (SRTM is -283m, distance from reference: 26m)

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