1623 / 198
Fuchshöhle 2/S +

Underground Description

A fine pitch of 55m is broken by a ledge halfway down. The shaft narrows towards the bottom, and from the foot of the ladder, boulders lead to a choke a few metres further down.


CUCC 1976, reexamined 1994, surface survey 1996


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    Marking Comment
    Number "B11" was repainted in 1988 (in red) and this is quite visible on flat rock to the SE of the shaft. Just next to it is the spit for the tag "CUCC 1976 B11" which is the point surveyed to. This tag was replaced 1999 with a new tag bearing the official Austrian number.

    Retagged 1999

    On plateau between B8 and the col, very difficult to spot from more than 5m away, but very noisy in wet weather.

    1994 descent
    1976 - ladder descent1994 - Julian Haines making an SRT descentAndy Waddington placing tag, 1996

    Photos © Victoria Brown 1978, Andy Atkinson 1994, Olly Be tts 1996

    Tag Location
    1623.t198 47.67970N 13.80621E (UTM33 410399, 5281391), 1631m (SRTM is +62 m, distance from reference: 15m)
    Other Station
    1623.gps00.b11 - post selective availability GPS 47.6798358N 13.8065205E (UTM33 410423, 5281406), 1658m (SRTM is +37m, distance from reference: 16m)

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