1623 / 149 Plateau Schacht 149 1/S +

Underground Description

Documentation comprises a grade 1 sketch with no description in 1984 logbook. Horizontal entrance leads under a shaft to surface and a 5m climb down to a choke. Over the hole and left leads in a sandy tube to a traverse reaching a 4m diameter tube. To the right this is choked, with small blocked tubes leading off. Ahead and left a 10m pitch leads to a solid choke.


CUCC 1984

Scanned survey notes

1623-149 (if any)


Until the 1984 logbook surfaced in 1993, we thought this number was not allocated, but, interestingly, the Austrians had this as 2/T +, 1685m, NE of Schwarzmoossattel, and think it was explored in 1984 by CUCC to 100m long and 15m deep. Where is this information coming from, and why didn't CUCC record it for their own benefit too?


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    The entrance is in a large gully, just above the sandy depression, opposite Wolfhöhle. Several draughting entrances. Sketch with no north arrow, but would guess that its north from 145.

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