1623 / 201
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Underground Description

2m diameter shaft drops 25m to a boulder floor - a short second pitch follows immediately leading to a too-tight rift. A 40m rope is sufficient.


CUCC 1998 - a single descent.

Scanned survey notes

1623-201 (if any)


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    Marking Comment
    metal tag stamped "CUCC 201" fixed by M6 stud epoxied into horizontal surface on NW side of main entrance (stud placed 1998, proper kataster number tag replaced provisional one in 1999).
    NW flank of Vorderer Schwarzmooskogel. 20m N of Laser 0/1
    Follow the cairned path which ascends the Vorder Schwarzmooskogel from the NW. Shortly before the obvious open rift entrance of 1623/156 (which is 50m south of Laser Point 0/1) is a small (2m diameter) open shaft.
    Other Station
    1623.gps00.201 - post selective availability GPS 47.6787250N 13.8131865E (UTM33 410921, 5281275), 1791m (SRTM is +29m, distance from reference: 17m)

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