1623 / 271 a–c
Korokorohöhle 2/T x


CUCC 2007, 2015 (Jenny + Olly)

Underground Description

Low drafty entrance at base of small cliff quickly becomes walking/stooping passage. On the right is a 1m climb down to an undescended pitch (07-01B), next to this is another way on which leads to another undescended pitch (07-02C) with a passage appearing to continue beyond. A few metres further along the main passage is 271b, a skylight entrance (free-climbable). Continuing on leads to a small chamber and four way junction. The passage on the right soon chokes. The passage on the left quickly becomes very small and can be followed to pop out on a ledge part way down a shakehole (271c), there is a sound connection between a rift in the SE corner of this shakehole and 97. The main pitch in the shakehole is unexplored (15-03C). The passage continuing straight on from the chamber is bigger and soon reaches a drop which can be traversed over (crawling sized passage continues beyond, 15-01B), the drop is initially free-climbable, but then bells out (15-02B).




2015 Plan

2015 Elevation

Underground Centre Line

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