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Verstecktentalhöhle 2/T x


Found by CUCC 1987. Original explorers unknown, possibly GSCB? Re-explored Olly & Jenny 2007.

Underground Description

The cave has a walk-in entrance, splitting just inside. The left passage comes out below a shaft from the surface, and apparently continues unexplored. The main passage reaches a 10m pitch, also below a surface shaft, which drops into a chamber. To the left is a short passage to an undescended pitch of about 10m, while to the right are three ways on. First is a rift, then a passage with an ice floor, and finally, half back towards the entrance, is a passage emerging below another surface shaft (passed on the surface just before reaching the entrance). This final passage also appeared to continue. Because a large carbide pig was found outside the entrance, it was assumed that someone else was in the course of exploring this cave.


Plan, drawn 2015

Survex File

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Scanned survey notes



There are two skylight entrances. These have been noted from the inside, but not located on the surface and not descended, thus they have not been allocated letters.


New Entrance