1623 / 2023-KT-02 Silver Moth

Underground Description

The entrance is across from mendip man and is a body sized triangular hole this has been dug for about 3 metres until squeezing up into a small junction called rotten toe junction,it is spacious kneeling height.

Straight foraward is an upwards passage that choked out after 11 metres, however to the right an exciting tube with a beautiful draft. It is a grippy sharp tube hat veers left with a good echo that leads into a loose descending, freeclimbable passage called 'It's not loose if you're not looking' and it drops down in steps getting larger until a thrutchy 4 metre climb into a disapointing chamber called Knuckle duster chamber with a small 2 inch high bedding plane at one end and at the other a human width 45 degree angle descending passage.

The passage is choked and has been dug to no avail. Overall the cave seemed promising with a wonderful draft but sadly chokes. May go if dug.



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