Shagged Spit Hoehle


Dan Lenartowicz Matt Watson

Underground Description

p7 leads into chossy rift, small crawl that would need digging. No other ways on.


2 Hangers, 2 slings, 20m Rope


On 2018-06-06 04:24 +0100, Wookey wrote: Last week the GMH centreline work was completed and checked in, and the therionising progressed a bit and we eventually (with a lot of email) got to the bottom of the 'is Shagged Spit/GutenMorgenHoehle the same cave' mystery. Thanks to all who contributed - it was hard work, but we got there. (The answer is no, there are two entrances, originally believed to be the same cave, the upper (tagged, explored, described, unsurveyed, unlocated, unphotoed) one is SS and the lower (explored, surveyed, photoed, undescribed, located) one is GMH).


New Entrance