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Pending cave write-up - creating as empty object. No XML file available yet.

Survex File

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_Survex file found in loser repo but no description in expoweb

INSTRUCTIONS: First open 'This survex file' (link above the CaveView panel) to find the date and info. Then

- (1) search in the survex file for the *ref to find a relevant wallet, e.g.2009#11 and read the notes image files

- (2) search in the Expo for that year e.g. 2012 to find a relevant logbook entry, then
- click on 'Edit this cave' and copy the information you find in the survex file and the logbook

- When you Submit it will create a file file in expoweb/cave_data/

- Now you can edit the entrance info: click on Edit below for the dummy entrance. and then Submit to save it (if you forget to do this, a dummy entrance will be created for your new cave description).


New Entrance