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Verlorener Rucksack Schacht 1/S +


New Entrance


Discovery and initial descent CUCC 1993 (Adam Cooper), bottomed in three trips in 1998 (Wookey, Andy Waddington).

Underground Description

Found in 1993, it was intended to mark the cave but not descend. However Adam Cooper's rucksack (containing the rope), placed unwisely near the edge, made the first descent. Adam followed on a ladder to retrieve it, then placed a bolt for a further descent on rope. The shaft continued beside a snow plug, but was deemed unsuitable for further exploration in shorts. The find was not relocated in 1993, so exploration stopped. Found again in 1995 whilst marking other known entrances, and probably seen again in 1996.

After a first descent placing a bolt again showed it unsuitable for exploration in shorts, a determined effort by Wookey in 1998 pushed the second pitch, between hanging death ice and snow to a definite choke. However, partway down this pitch was a window with a draught, leading to a third pitch (one bolt at takeoff, another just below). This was nn metres to a final choke.

The whole cave is formed on a fault which forms a SE-facing scarp on the surface. A short distance NE of the entrance, the fault line cuts a lower-lying area. The draught, which was mostly outward through the head of the third pitch during the final exploratory trip, periodically reverses for 10-15 seconds. It would appear to be powered by surface breezes via various other small windows to the surface, most probably including ones lower down in the depression to the NE.


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Survex File

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