1623 / 199 Stürzender Felsbrocken Höhle 1/T +

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Underground Description

A steeply descending tube over scree (sometimes snow), initially 3m in diameter, leads down to a choke. To the right in a cross-rift 24m long (beware of loose rock here) is an audible connection to the surface (199c). The final section of the main tube has roof pendants, and ends with a rising sand floor over which the crawl becomes too tight. The second entrance (199b) is just up and to the left of the main one.


None absolutely required, but 15m handline helpful for entrance, especially if snowy.

Underground Centre Line

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    Marking Comment
    metal tag stamped "CUCC 199" fixed by M6 stud epoxied into vertical wall left of main entrance (stud placed 1998, kataster number tag replaced provisional one in 1999).
    NW flank of Vorderer Schwarzmooskogel. About 30m SSW of 156.
    Follow the cairned path which ascends the Vorder Schwarzmooskogel from the NW. Shortly after passing the open rift entrance of 1623/156 (50m south of Laser Point 0/1), scramble up to the right (south). One large and two small open cave entrances.
    Other Station
    1623.gps00.199 - post selective availability GPS 47.67761N 13.81291E (UTM33 5281152, 410899), 2047m

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