1623 / 154 a–b Schwa Schacht 154 1/S x


Discovered CUCC 1985 (on last day), explored 1987

Underground Description

Loose pitch head gives onto 5m entrance pitch. A rift leads off but quickly chokes, while a draughting slot could be dug, but is rather loose and dangerous, so was left.


Grade 1 plan (no scale) from 1987 Log Book, surface survey from Bunter's Bulge.

sketch - 3k gif

Scanned survey notes



This doesn't sound much like the 1985 log book description, which is of a climb down in a rift below the survey mark into a chamber with daylight entering in two or three places. There is another way out, though where this is isn't mentioned, and the cave needed a rope to push further. However, the 1987 sketch does sound like this ! It is not clear whether the 1987 push addressed the way out needing a rope - perhaps another look would be a good idea, if a party is working in this area.


New Entrance