1623 / 144 Tony's Second Höhle 6/S/T x


CUCC 1983, 1985

Underground Description

This is the highest entrance to Stellerweghöhle found by CUCC, and a full description is included in the Stellerweghöhle guidebook description, just an overview is given here.

A predominantly vertical entrance series leads to a level of extensive fossil phreatic development, not fully explored. The main passage, The Yellow Brick Road, leads to the lip of a 25m pitch into a large muddy chamber. From the bottom, a steeply dipping tube is followed down until a canyon is reached from a boulder chamber. Most ways close down quickly from here.

Across the pitch from Yellow Brick Road is a large continuing passage, gained by an obscure and somewhat exposed route in boulders. It soon leads to a bolted climb, but a ramp down below drops to another large passage. Right here, the draught is followed through winding passage until it emerges 20m up in a chamber. Backtracking leads to a squeeze and muddy crawls to the bottom, from where a canyon develops, finally dropping into Stellerweghöhle below the Big Pitch via a 10m chimney.

There are a significant number of unpushed leads in the cave, but all are expected to connect back to already known passage. One may provide a connection to the northernmost reaches of Schwabenschacht (1623/78).


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This name is the 1983 provisional name, which was intended to be scrapped. Weiße Warze Höhle II might be better, but this cave really should have a proper name - after all, it was 284m deep before the connection to the main system! It appears in Austrian lists just as Schwarzmooskogelschacht. ARGE call it "Tony's Second Höhle" , so we're probably stuck with the name now.


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