1623 / 143 Weiße Warze Schacht I 3/S +


CUCC 1983, 1984

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cave ID '1623-143'
cave survex path '1623/143'

Underground Description

The first pitch starts after a short climb down boulders. From here light may be seen entering from another entrance 143b. The pitch of 20m lands on a small ledge and a short freeclimb leads to a traverse over wedged blocks. The next pitch of 10m is rigged over the edge of the last of these and brings one to a balcony at the start of a 23m shaft. Another clean, almost circular shaft (19m) follows, to a climb of 6m down wedged boulders. The passage now narrows to a small vadose canyon with a stream in it, but soon turns vertical at an 8m pitch, followed quickly by one of 18m. At the foot of this final shaft, the stream flows down a rift, approximately 10m deep, but too narrow to follow. Much hammering here achieved little progress, but could be heard clearly in passages leading from above the Big Pitch in Stellerweghöhle.


See Stellerweghöhlensystem upper levels survey

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The above name is provisional, since its not really my prerogative to name it, but it should have a name really.


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