1623 / 140 Schwa Schacht 140 2/S x


CUCC 1983

Underground Description

Shaft entrance is 9m by 6m, with first pitch 15m to boulders. A 6m pitch is immediately followed by a 10m drop to a sloping boulder floor. From the end of this, a 5.5m drop reaches a longer boulder slope, which leads into a canyon at 90°. Down this is a longer pitch split into 10 and 10.5m sections by a small ledge, landing on a very large boulder. Over the boulder are two ways on.

Through a squeeze is a shaft 10m deep to floor with continuing hole and a further shaft to one side, neither of which were descended, despite a draught coming out through the squeeze.

The way followed is a 5m pitch from the big boulder, to a boulder false floor. At the end of this, the roof rises into a high aven and an 11m pitch drops to a flat boulder floor next to another huge block. A hole down gives a 7m drop next to stacked rocks and a way on across boulders leads to a final 8m pitch.

Forward over boulders passes under another high aven from which water falls. A short climb down leads to where this water disappears into a scrofulous slot, at a depth of 95m.

The cave is in a key position, almost directly above the Breeze Block area of Chile, in Kaninchenhöhle. However, these passages lie between 250 and 300m below the 140 entrance, so this is probably not a potential easy way in.


? grade 3. In 1983 logbook (but not scanned?)

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