204 - a–f
(CUCC 1999/03)
Steinbrückenhöhle5/S x

Length: 16598m Depth: 621m Extent: 935m (approximately N-S)


Nominal area: 2d - Northern Schwarzmooskogel ridge (access from Steinbrücken)        

Location: The cave is situated on the west side of the col between the Hinterer Schwarzmooskogel and Nieder Augst-Eck. It is currently one of the main areas of exploration for CUCC, who in 2001 established a bivvy site under the stone bridge opposite the entrance.

Approach: The route from Top Camp used since 1999 (probably near optimal) is a cairned path via Wolfhöhle (1623/145) and Laser Point 5, then up to the top of the bare patch of white limestone visible from Top Camp, passing 195 and 196. The path used in 2001 then skirts around the contours, passing the unmistakable arched entrance of Hauchhöhle, to arrive directly opposite the stone bridge after which the cave was named (in previous years a route slightly higher up towards the Hinter was used, which some people still prefer; this is also cairned). Alternatively, the cave may be approached from the summit of HSK - probably the optimal route if you are coming from any of the 161 entrances.

Entrance Photo: See the photo gallery for entrance photos.

Underground Description:

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Centre Line: In dataset; download .3d file or Raw survey data

Survex file: caves/204/204.svx