55 - a–i–i–i–i–i–i–i–i Raucherkarhöhle 4/T/S/E x


New Entrance


Underground Description

The labyrinthine system contains several levels of development, mostly southwards towards Nagelsteghöhle (the probable resurgence at 850m). The current deepest point (a sump) has been reached by systematically traversing over pitches of 40 to 90m.


(GSAB) Spéalp 1 (June 1977) pp 33-49, Totes Gebirge: Description des principaux gouffres de la zone ouest du massif, Jean Claude Hans & Etienne Degrave
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The description is translated mainly from reference 78.2012 by Andy Waddington and Jill Gates, with additional info on dates/lengths as cited.


More information on this cave, by those exploring it, can be found on the Landesverein für Höhlenkunde in Oberosterreich site, with text available in both English and German and with a number of excellent photos.