78 - a–e Schwaben(schacht)höhle 5/S/t/E x


New Entrance


Fred Vischer, 1980 (as far as 2/S/T)

Ongoing exploration by Arbeitsgemeinschaft Höhle und Karst Grabenstetten e.V.

Underground Description

The cave is a complex of hading rifts and steep ramps with several deep points. The deepest point is near the southern limit of the system. A vertical series with pitches of 9m, 15m, 17m and 13m reaches Nägschtmol-Meander (1992), where the survey legs are all very short. This climbs slightly before heading south and dropping, passing Alexander der Große (a generally level side passage heading southwest to Leopardencanyon, apparently beyond the known passages in Schnellzughöhle) to der gute Abgang (the good lead). A 7m pitch and more steep descents end at a point almost directly above the assumed line of Pete's Purgatory in Schnellzug, maybe a third of the way to the Confluence from where it is abandoned for the Purgatory Bypass. This small streamway lies perhaps 120-130m below Schwabenschacht's deep point, but it is known that several unsurveyed fossil phreatic passages lie above this upstream part of the Purgatory, so a connection could be quite close.

This description is now quite out of date as it does not include the its connection, nor entrances c,d and e.


Grade 5 survey by ARGE (not ours to reproduce)

Underground Centre Line

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Survex File

smk-system.svx 3d file