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New Entrance


Underground Description

Seasonally active cave. Ends in a 'Lake', which is a sump pool, apparently higher than the level of Altausseer See, and close to the surveyed level of the Stellerweg sump.

Access to the final sump is guarded by short siphons in each of the two passages going to the far end of the cave. These can be drained, but care should be taken to ensure they are drained towards the entrance, otherwise the final sump will become muddy. Visited by Mike Thomas and Pete Lancaster in 1989, as far as the short sumps.

A note on the geology : The north shore of the lake follows a large fault with a big throw, so that this cave is in the same block of limestone as the Stögerweg area caves. The Austrians think there is no hydrological connection between this cave/resurgence and the lake level, since vauclusian resurgences in the lake appear to be in a very different block of limestone which has been down-faulted relative to the plateau. However, it seems more likely that these risings are actually on the fault, and that the lake level, and the level of the sumps in this cave and in Stellerweghöhle are closely related.


There are descriptions (in German) of dives in the terminal sump in 1985 and 1988. A further follow-up article is awaiting scanning in...


A4 survey in Mitt. der Sektion Ausseerland 18(4), Oct. 1980, facing p 86. This is dated 1935, 1960 and looks like a third generation photocopy of a larger survey - the quality is very poor.