40 - Go look in Eishöhle

Sun 01 Aug 1999

Went to look in eishöhle to see if we could find some extra ways on. Everyone gawped at Schneevulcanhalle for a bit, then we split into 3 teams: Mark S & Simon took pictures, Wook & AndyA tried to find ways on, and the rest went towards 'the old cave', after putting in a second bolt on the pitch. Becka, Paul and Julian surveyed this, called "Oldway". Wook & Andy tried shinning up the rubble slope on the W side of the chamber. It just leads to a wet boulder choke. However, on he LH wall there was a slot which had a major gale coming out of it. No-one had got round the bend so Wook was soon into new passage (again!). Soon led to pitch. Went back for Andy & rope. Rigged 15m pitch into big descending canyon. Yipee! Reached another pitch after a climb-down. We only had one hanger left so rigged a huge deviation with a knotted sling to get to the floor. Unfortunately it ended! So we surveyed out, but noted significant draught still, so left it rigged for tomorrow.

_T/U 6 hours_

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