40 - Eishöhle

Wed 04 Aug 1999

[Call-out book says 08.04 and 08.05 was another trip to the same place]

BECKA - Previous line from previous (anon) webeditor - I think the trip written up here is actually the 08.04 trip and the 08.05 trip was written up as Becka's 08.05 write up earlier - except for the extra comment in the next entry about rigging the traverse.

Went back to end of 'Up, Up & away' to go down pitches. One bolt & crummy deviation got Simon to bottom. Unfortunately it was full of rocks so it didn't go, apart from a tiny hole with a draught down which thrown stones went some distance. Simon hammered this for 15mins before giving up. Some Hilti caps would fix it.

Draught also disappears into 1" wide rift at far end - mutter. Wooks swung into rift which looked promising part way down pitch, unfortunately it just goes to the bottom of an aven. So we ended up back at the top looking at traverse over top of pitch, where most of draught came from. Put in a knotted sling belay and Wook got over to far wall & climbed up, then put in bolt. Another traverse beyond. Andy's turn this time, achieved with skyhook & 2 bolts.

Beyond was steeply ascending ramp/rift, surprsingly easy to ascend 45m following strong draught, until finally some walking passage is reached. We surveyed as far as this then went for a run-around. Most of draught came from up more steep rampy shit, but some went other way, which led to a big, wet pitch. Finally, something going down ! 1st window was very wet, but traversing past (needs an 8m rope, 2 slings, 1 hanger) leads to a nice dry hang.

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