136 - Chile Again

Sat 31 Jul 1999
Becka Lawson

Down to the Far End beyond Lost in Space. Sent John to rerig Andy A's pitch (bit of an unusual rig of a clown + missed the critical rebelay, otherwise OK!) + put a second hand bolt at head of Brian's Steady Aim pitch. Simon + I looked down the pitch Earl + Phil had rigged to the left of Andy's pitch + surveyed back to Andy + John station 5 (this survey the Left Route survey, linked to LostinSpace2). Looks good down there, complex, lots of holes all over + possibly also some horizontal stuff + good draught.

Came out + shouted to John we'd be 10 minutes to get to him. Got to head of Steady Aim pitch, no John, though his dangly bag with spare food, water + carbide was there, plus the bolting kit. Simon went down to the pitch + couldn't see him. We both started searching + shuting + whistling. This lasted about 30 minutes and was bloody distressing looking for mangled oversuits at the bottom of climbs. Finally he turned up - he'd found a way through boulders to the bottom of the floor after Steady Aim pitch, and had scooped 200m passage. Finally decided to come back + got lost on the way. Ticked off. Started to survey back where he'd been, down ramps (q. steep) with a few QM's until got to a narrow canyonny bit. Stopped the survey + looked up the passage, a sticky mud option plus two ways on, left goes slightly upwards in lovely passage with fossils in the roof. Down gets watery + eventually narrowed down. Simon went in, got wet, + reported Darren-like passage, which opened up a bit + then choked bit probably a way on. Headed on out fairly slowly.

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