40 - Eishöhle

Mon 02 Aug 1999

Went to check out where draught goes at bottom of 'deviant alternative' [this bit is now called 'Delaying Tactics' - 'Deviant Alternative' now refers only to the initial entry passage, WebEditor]. Andy skyhooked into roof and then descended on dodgy sling belay - didn't help get round corner. Wook followed. Andy climbed up instead, on belay to get round corner. Chambery thing reached with 4 tubes going off. 1 was too tight, 1 went back to point at pitch head, 1 went to boulders blocking way to enticing space. Last allowed access to same space but this also just led back to above pitch-head. Decided this was defo dead.

Paul now very cold & bored as we had arsed around for 1.5 hrs. Went up to Andy's lead above original pitch (now derigged). More climbing up here (Paul refused on 1st bits, Wook on 2nd, Andy on neither) led to walking passage with strong wind. Main rift stopped at drippy boulder choke. Passage went for ~30m to rock bridge overlooking nice pitches (one either side, possibly the same thing). Did hurried survey out to get back for dinner.

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    40 - Eishöhle