40 - Eishöhle

Thu 05 Aug 1999
Becka Lawson

Through the scrot to the traverses. Andy rerigged the climb before that and about 8 more bolts went into the traverse (we discovered we'd brought 3 bolting kits so thought we'd better damn well use them). Surveyed from beyond traverses to pitchhead. Rigged pitch + traverse before it (to avoid the drips), down ~15m to another pitch. Paul + I decided we were superfluous to requirements + bummed off out, only an hour out from the pitch head + got to do most of the walk in the light, a _good_ thing. The other three rigged down 'eiscream' as far as a tightish squeeze with the pitch series carrying on beyond. They'd run out of hangers by then so surveyed + derigged out + had a hard walk back with all the rope. Wookey, Andy + Julian 13½ hours

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