136 - Photo + push in 136

Thu 29 Jul 1999
Becka Lawson

Down ~11, Julian H still bleary from his midnight return from 136 with Erin. I derigged he rope off the Theatre (52m) + took it down Oatso. Took photos of end of Oatso, the chamber above Windy Bottom (pretty) & the Overshoot main passage. Then derigged Pit of Damnation (choss nonsense in Lost in Space that Julian H + Erin looked at yesterday). Julian H used the drill (which died after 3 bolts) + then a hand bolt to descend ~20m into Breeze Through. We went down & slung the rope around a dodgy roof natural to get down the final 10m after the sloping boulder-strewn ledge. And Julian spotted the distant rumble of Wookey + Andy surveying at the same depth. So we fixed our survey to the bottom of theirs & surveyed out. Finally done gone 8. Took drill battery out & went out rather slowly, all feeling a bit knackered. Complete cock-up trying to rig a deviation to stop a rub on the 2nd pitch below the eyehole. Bodged it + gave up
T/U JulianH 11½, Becka + Julian T 12½

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