Loser Plateau - Surface survey + shaft bash around Nordalpenhöhle (1999-01)

Mon 02 Aug 1999
Becka Lawson

Surveyed a leg from new cave tag for Nordalpenhöhle to end of previous surface + cave survey, then surface surveyed to the other shaft that Brian + Julian H found at the same time as Nordalpenhöhle about a week ago. Brian put a spit in at the head of this shaft then found the tub of spits + cones he had brought was actually carbide.

So he rigged the shaft on naturals + two deviations. Down 30m or so (v. roughly) + he got to a big chamber with a couple of places with a draft coming out of chokes/boulders. He thought somebody else had probably been there already. Not very exciting. Came out, derigged. I'd surface surveyed to the low horizontal drafting tube I'd looked in the first time (26th July) that Brian + I went to Nordalpenhöhle (last station marked with a red B on the underside of its roof). We both went in + had a _really_ miserable time doing the flat out crawl over sticky mud + pointy rocks which I'd forgotten from last time. Took all the rope etc. back to the col.

IMAGE: Sketch

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    Loser Plateau - Surface survey + shaft bash around Nordalpenhöhle (1999-01)
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