Loser Plateau - Mark S goes hunting for 155 "et al"

Sat 31 Jul 1999
Mark Shinwell

Set off from carpark with intention of finding 155 "et al" at about midday.

Took 201 "Stogerweg" path towards Eishöhle. Missed turning @ red omega and so ended up going past 22 (?32) - needs checking - and "88" - presume numbered incorrectly - then turned back.

This time I found the omega and so headed up towards Bunter's Bulge ("The Nipple") or "Weiße Warze". _LOST PATH!_

Thrashed through bunde with GPS for a whole hour, at least, but eventually found "it".

GPS took me to a snow-plugged "entrance" [more of a choked shakehole] - seemed to fit 155 desc. - but no number in evidence - so headed back to Weiße Warze.

* checked 153 (sic) position (from desc. on WWW) => 013° of Weiße Warze

* INCONSISTENT with GPS position (check GPS + you'll see what I mean).

=> search for 153 aborted

* few holes in area came across seem to be mainly insignificant

* nothing else of significance found except shaft with snow at bottom 1999MS02 posn in Wook's GPS - just on traverse from 136 towards Bunter's Bulge.

* if this needs clarifying, please email Mark

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