Wallets for 1623-256 Nischehöhle

Each wallet contains the scanned original in-cave survey notes and sketches of plans and elevations. It also contains scans of centre-line survex output on which hand-drawn passage sections are drawn. These hand-drawn passages will eventually be traced to produce Tunnel or Therion drawings and eventually the final complete cave survey.

To create a wallet, if you have only a survex file and nothing to upload into the wallet, you currently need to got to Upload Scans, navigate to the new wallet number and then upload a dummy file, e.g. 'nothingyet.txt'. You can then edit the wallet details: the date, the people involved, and the url of the survexfile which you will already have uploaded using e.g. /survexfile/caves-1623/290/mynewsurvex.svx (for a survex file for cave 1623-290).

This lists all the files in a wallet, some of which may not be for this specific cave.

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WalletWallet DateCaveWallet NameSurvex S C Q N P E T W
2003#10 2003-07-20 1623-256 248-1, 256 svx1 svx2                
2015#10 2015-07-27 256 Inferno svx1                

Note that names in italics are copied from the related survex file block name.

WalletWallet DateWallet NamePeopleScansSurvex blocksDrawings using these scans
2003#10 2003-07-20 248-1, 256 ['Tony', 'Brian'] 5 248-1 256 (no Tunnel drawings found: but there might be Therion drawings)
2015#10 2015-07-27 Inferno ['Wookey', 'Anthony Day', 'Ben Whetton'] 6 inferno 264-and-258/1623-lowertunnbalc.xml