Wallets for Pete Lancaster

Each wallet contains the scanned original in-cave survey notes and sketches of plans and elevations. It also contains scans of centre-line survex output on which hand-drawn passage sections are drawn. These hand-drawn passages will eventually be traced to produce Tunnel or Therion drawings and eventually the final complete cave survey.

When you only have a survexfile

To create a wallet, if you have only a survex file but no notes to scan, you should upload the survexfile first. But before you can do that you will need to login (use the menu item at top-right of page).

Upload the survexfile using e.g. /survexfile/caves-1623/290/mynewsurvex.svx (for a survex file for cave 1623-290). You will cut and paste the survex file data into the window on the form.

While still logged-in, go to this page Create Wallet which will take you to the next unused wallet number page, and click the 'Create' button. This will not actually complete the creation of the wallet until you have also set the date for the wallet in the wallet edit form (which will appear when you press 'Create').

While editing the wallet you should enter in the form the url of the survexfile which you have just created at e.g. /survexfile/caves-1623/290/mynewsurvex.svx (see above).

See also wallets

No Wallet found

PROBABLY this is because this cave does not have a unqiue wallet, but shares a wallet with other caves. We do not have the multiple-caves-per-wallet thing working fully yet. Look through the wallets per year instead, and do a text seearch on each page for the cave name.

Before 1998 we used a survey book system, not wallets. But 1983 has some scraps recreated as wallets.

That is probably why you cannot see anything here. Look at the complete list of scanned files instead, at Scans (it is slow, so be patient). It lists things like "1984AndysNotebook" instead of a wallet identifier, but if you click on "1984AndysNotebook" you will see some of the the notes and sketches scanned from it.

Or look at all the scanned files, their wallet names and the drawings that were created using them at Drawings which is probably more useful.

WalletWallet DateCave(s)Wallet NameSurvex survey length S C Q N P E T W

Note that names in italics are copied from the related survex file block name.

Total underground survey length: 0.0 m - but this includes all the surveys associated with the wallet, including those where Pete Lancaster did not participate.

WalletWallet DateWallet NameTeamCave(s)ScansSurvex blocksDrawings using these scans

Names in italics are taken from the associated survex file blocks, names not in italics are listed explicitly on the wallet.