204 - Steinbrückenhöhle

Thu 05 Aug 1999
Nick Proctor

Went back to push the phreatic tube. This was draughting and seemed promising. A hole in the floor was gardened and became a very small phreatic tube going down 4-5m. Needs a rope (C-). Beyond the top of the hole the cave again became small and scrotty. There is a possible lead (QM C---) - a small crawl from the bottom of a pit in the floor. We were running out of leads, so surveyed out. Then Helen decided to climb up into a small roof tube. Anthony had looked at this briefly. Roof tube heading upwards - obviously going to be full of mud. Helen disappeared round a corner. "It goes!" . "It's big"

"Oh really" came the enthusiastic reply

"Can you hear the echo .... echo .... echo ?"

The tube popped out into a large chamber - 10m in diameter, high roof and about 25m to the floor. Started bolting and used up both our hangers descending 6m. Needs another rebelay, then should be straight down to floor. By this time we were cold, so headed out.

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