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Sun 08 Aug 1999
Anthony Day

From the makers of 'Interview Blues', we proudly present a major new motion "Scrotty Rift Pitch Series II - This time its even more pointless"

With Brian pushing, Anthony and Nick surveyed in. Brian's bottom of blackness turned out to be a blind 30m pitch with scrotty rift (too tight) at the bottom and the sound of running water just round the corner. Brian tried the next hole along, which came to the same place. The next hole, rigged 'au naturel' (from a large boulder, rather than without clothes) went down parallel to the 30m pitch with several windows onto it, before landing in ... wait for it ... scrotty rift! Another short pitch (which was by-passable) and then several climbs down saw us deep in the rift. At this point Brian the Bolter bolted (out of the cave) and Nick and Anthony finished the next pitch, a fine 15m hang into a largish chamber with lots of echo and a small unpromising rift in the floor, and not a lot else. At this point we left, derigging the rope for Duncan to play with on his pitch series the next day. 230m of surveying Hurray! This bit of cave has 2 leads left - the eye-hole off the 1st pitch from the Millennium Dome (QM B) and the rift at the bottom which is small, but draughts (QM B). Brian 8½

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