Journey - Helen and Nick go to Expo

Sat 31 Jul 1999
Nick Proctor

We drove Helen's shiny new car for a long time. The journey was almost completely uneventful apart from being stopped by the Pirmasens Police for speeding (50 mph in a 50km zone) and for having an illegal load (the hang-glider protruded 50cm in front of the car - not allowed in Germany). So we pleaded stupidity, smiled a lot, untied the glider and pushed it back a bit (making it very unstable) and tied it back on. Nice Mr. Policeman relieved us of £10 and wished us a good day.

Saw the aftermath of a 'coming together' on the autobahn - no-one hurt, just lots of bent metal. Strange what happens when people drive at 120 mph.

Arrived at 1:00 in the morning to be greeted by Duncan, pissed off his face and spouting complete bullshit. Went to bed happy in the knowledge that some aspects of Expo never change.

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