Base Camp - Hydrospeeding Hilde's River

Tue 27 Jul 1999
Julian Todd

Wook's body board & inner tube available. Walked up along river to check it out, and failed to do it properly. Wook & Paul were dropped in above big weir, but it was easy to get out. They shot past Hilde's and made it to the next bridge. Then Julian & Paul did it from further up towards Grundlsee from campsite on left just beyond footbridge. It's slow and shallow there, except the bit under the bridge. Lastly Dunk & Julian walked up on other side of the river and got changed. Dunk had borrowed Paul's surfing wetsuit and got a foot in the arm and the zip the wrong way around before complaining that it was too small. It was 5 pm, so quite biered up. A top caving alternative. Who'll dare do it after 5 days of rain.

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    Base Camp - Hydrospeeding Hilde's River
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