204 - Steinbrückehöhle

Mon 26 Jul 1999
Duncan Collis

Strolled up to cave found yesterday. Took 1½ hours from Top Camp, including time spent lost or looking at big ice stal in Bräuninghöhle. Slanting descent from 'b' entrance leads via a rebelay (also needs a deviation next trip) to a wodge of snow. Climb down and slither round r. hand side of snow led to a gentle slope down to 2nd pitch. This is about 7m diameter. Our rope wasn't quite long enough to reach the snow at the bottom. Without having a stroll around the bottom, can't tell if the 3 possible ways on we can see are real or not. Bum.

Walked back to top camp via summit of HSK & 136. Moved our gear to the HSK/VSK col, ready to lug it over HSK for next trip, when we will take more rope.

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