Loser Plateau - Assorted surface things

Wed 28 Jul 1999

  • Look for 92
  • Fix 93-94 survey error from 1998
  • Survey from 138 - 136 - 135
  • Put in spit for 135 tag

Day looked a bit grey and rainy for a while so went to 92 area to sort problem with last year's survey 93->94, and try to find the elusive 92. 4 of us spent at least an hour slogging through the bunde to no avail. Checked the bunde areas to N, S, W & E (back past crappers to TC). Fuck knows where it is !

Next, once we decided it probably wasn't going to rain significantly, Wook & Mark S went up to 156 to join up tag & 1st rigging bolt, then on to Vord summit, signed book & surveyed from 138 to 136 to 135. Put spit in 135 for forthcoming tag. Spent another hour or so traipsing around looking for the elusive 137. No joy, although we found a hole (shaft) that goes at least a bit in the middle of one of the bunde lumps directly below the Vord summit cliff. GPSed to:

IMAGE: Sketch

Then it was getting past tea-time & started raining. Got thoroughly wet on way home & cooked in super-spacious new tent.

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    1999#09 ['notes2', 'notes1', 'LISTING', '1999#161windybottom']
    1999#22 surface 93 to 94 ['1999#surface93to94', 'notes', 'LISTING']
    1999#23 ["156tagconn NW side of VSMK, laser point 0/1 to 201 tag bolt(s)", "138 to 135 via 136"] ['notes6', '1999#surface138to136to135and156connection', 'notes2', 'notes1', 'LI…
    1999#26 1|Surface from Vd1 to cave tag ['notes2', '1999#surface205', 'notes1', 'LISTING']
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    Loser Plateau - Assorted surface things
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