161 - Pushing 96 25 in Iceland

Mon 26 Jul 1999
Anthony Day

Took the drill off to Iceland anticipating that the pitch me and Julia had failed to descend 2 days earlier would end quickly so we could go off and start bolting the aven in Iceland. Walk in was crap, esp. the bit from d to e in caving gear in blazing sun. Got to the pitch head and put in a practice bolt for a traverse line, then I descended the pitch via 3 bolts. Pitch is fairly spacious in hading rift for ~30m in 3 10m sections, separated by chossy sloping ledges where it is impossible to avoid kicking crap down. Found somewhere to cower and the others came down. Beyond is a further pitch, est. at 15m, but we had no more rope. So we put some bolts in for it and left. Rift is still a fair size and looks moderately promising, but isn't quite what I was expecting (short pitch leading to horizontalish rift).

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