136 - Carry on to check out the Overrun

Mon 26 Jul 1999

All wizzed down 136, where Tony had first ever 'forgotten to shut Stop faceplate' experience on 2nd pitch. Improved eyehole rigging slightly. At bottom all went to end and checked out new chamber 'Lost in Space'. It is _huge_ ! with 3 big holes in floor & 4 other pitches. Far end is enormous jumble of boulders where lots of cavers wandered about in the interstices peering out over big holes at each other and shouting 'Where am I' a lot.

Wook went along lower part of chamber which almost chokes off but dodgy 4m climb gets to look over big space in boulders. Opposite side & top can be reached by climbing through boulders in upper part of passage. Wook's climb got him into continuation but he was sufficiently keen to avoid reversing it that he failed to check out a way on and just shinned down a chimney to 'escape'. Having got there he found the others had forgotten how they got there, but Erin saved the day by finding the way out.

Then we surveyed it all (with much moaning from Tony towards the end as it became clear we wouldn't get out before dark).

Then far too much trekking & rope to get out. Paul H brought climbing rope out & was shattered.

Another top trip - now more than halfway to Schwabenschacht !

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