'Wild' Survex files

These are survex files which have NO ATTACHED WALLET.
i.e. they have a survex block (begin..end) with no *REF line which refers to the wallet holding the raw data for that block of data.

survex block with no *refdateparent blockwithin survex filesurveyed lengthteam
entrance Aug. 8, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/top/entrance 170.3m ['Becka', 'Chris', 'Julian T', 'Adam', 'Del', 'Ju…
mike July 10, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/top/entrance 64.9m ['Mark D', 'Julian T', 'Penny']
shopper Aug. 13, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/top/entrance 62.6m ['Del', 'Chris Densham', 'Becka Lawson']
squeeze Aug. 12, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/top/entrance 76.0m ['Mark Dougherty', 'Jeremy Rodgers', 'Adam Cooper…
lh Aug. 26, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/lhr/lhroute 191.5m ['Del', 'Dave', 'Juliette']
frnchcon Sept. 5, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/lhr/lhroute 127.1m ['Mike R', 'David', 'Juliette']
ragnarok Sept. 1, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/lhr/ragnarok 108.8m ['David Howes', 'Tanya']
1 Aug. 9, 1989 drunk caves-1623/161/lhr/drunk 91.0m ['Adam', 'Becka']
2 Aug. 27, 1989 drunk caves-1623/161/lhr/drunk 20.7m ['Dave H', 'Juliette', 'Del']
3 Aug. 12, 1989 drunk caves-1623/161/lhr/drunk 69.2m ['Juliette', 'Julian', 'Wookey']
4 Aug. 14, 1989 drunk caves-1623/161/lhr/drunk 80.5m ['Becka', 'Chris']
5 Aug. 15, 1989 drunk caves-1623/161/lhr/drunk 57.1m ['Penny', 'Del', 'Juliette']
7 Sept. 1, 1989 drunk caves-1623/161/lhr/drunk 103.1m ['Dan', 'Jeremy R']
wetnappy Sept. 1, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/lhr/drunk 151.0m ['Penny', 'Dan']
chunnel Aug. 12, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/rhr/chunnel 187.4m ['Mark Dougherty', 'Jeremy Rodgers', 'Adam Cooper…
boulder Aug. 11, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/rhr/chunnel 120.6m ['Jeremy', 'Juliette']
potgold Aug. 27, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/rhr/pog 188.4m ['Jeremy', 'Julian', 'Mike TA']
tblocks Aug. 14, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/rhr/tblocks 342.7m ['Dan', 'Jeremy', 'JulianT', 'wookey']
tbknoslnk Aug. 1, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/rhr/tblocks 4.9m []
pt1 Aug. 20, 1989 olympus caves-1623/161/rhr/olympus 116.8m ['Wook']
pt2 Aug. 26, 1989 olympus caves-1623/161/rhr/olympus 363.0m ['Wook']
dream89 Aug. 1, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/rhr/dreamtme 142.8m ['Mike R', 'Tina']
yapate Aug. 15, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/north/yapate 248.8m ['Dan', 'Jeremy', 'JulianT']
toilet Aug. 15, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/north/yapate 69.3m ['Jeremy']
flapjack Aug. 21, 1989 161 caves-1623/161/north/flapjack 215.5m ['wook', 'Dave', 'Jeremy']
top Sept. 3, 1989 gob caves-1623/161/north/gob 36.2m ['Adam Cooper']
la34 Jan. 1, 1989 1626 caves-1626/LA34/LA34 0.0m []

So we are missing 3,410m of surveyed cave from our wallet records.

If the "team" field is empty, it probably means that it is an ARGE survey (in German) and so we do not recognise any participants as valid 'expo' members. Or it may mean that we did it, but that the survex file has been created since the last database reset.
If the parent block says "troggle _unseens" or "None" then the survex file has not been plumbed in to the expo survex network yet.
If there is a *ref line of the correct format, then maybe that wallet has not been created yet. Create it, and fill in the data.

Length of survex data referenced by wallets in this year 0m.

Survey Legs
1989 27 421 3,410

These are uncorrected tape lengths which include pitches and duplicates but exclude splays or surface-surveys.

One Survex Survey Block is one *begin/*end block of data in a survex file. Some files from other caving clubs may have a convention of using many more blocks per file than we do, e.g. if the file is exported from other software into survex format.